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Once you’ve chosen your audit tools the next step is to create a weblink that you will use to share the audit task with kids. This page walks you through the process. 

First, prepare and provide any additional details needed.  For example, you will need to provide a link that will allow kids to submit their audits. If you are using the online survey tool, you will need to have prepared that and have the link ready. You will also need to provide any additional information for kids including due dates and when you might run the co-design workshops. 

Second, you need to sign up to access to create your weblink. You’ll provide some basic details including your name, email address, organisation and the intended use of the audit tools. Please click here to see our terms of use related to privacy and data storage. 

Once you’ve added these details, hit the ‘submit’ button. You’ll then be given a weblink you can share with kids via social media or your website.

Select the audit you want kids to complete

This is the link that kids will use to submit their audit data to you (you could use a secure Dropbox or Google Drive, or an online survey platform link).

Set up your online survey via your usual online survey provider. Publish it and then paste the link here so kids can access it.

Please provide a link to your terms and conditions and privacy statement.

This could include due dates, how to submit, maximum file size, file types, any additional privacy considerations, date for the co-design workshop.

Minimum 8 characters.

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By clicking 'Create audit task link' you agree to the T&Cs