This is a Monash University project supported by VicHealth.

Monash University Project Team

Associate Professor Deana Leahy (Project Lead)
Faculty of Education

Associate Professor Ruth Jeanes
Faculty of Education

Associate Professor Iris Duhn
Faculty of Education

Professor Jo Lindsay
Faculty of Arts

Dr Rosie Welch
Faculty of Education

Dr Claire Tanner
Faculty of Arts

Dr Bronwyn Cumbo
Faculty of Education

Design team

Warren Taylor (Design Lead)

Zach Beltsos- Russo


Anna Fraser
Writer / Producer / Director

Zach Beltsos-Russo

Julian Burgess

Kyls Burton

Matt Fell Loveherz Studios  

To cite this website:

Leahy, D., Taylor, W., Jeanes, R., Welch, R., Duhn, I., Cumbo, B., Lindsay, J., Tanner. C., Wescott, S. & Beltsos-Russo, Z.  (2021). Kids co-designing healthy places. https://www.kidscodesigninghealthyplaces.com.au


Thank you to the Children’s Environments Research Group at the Center for Human Environments, Graduate Center of the City University of New York, who have been so generous in sharing their Child Friendly Places resources with us and allowing us to adapt some of them for this project.

Thank you to Ana Tiquia at All Tomorrow's Futures for creative project facilitation, brief development and production advisory.

Thank you to The Good Copy and Dylan Rainforth for their copywriting and editing work on this website. 

Thank you also to the generosity our colleagues: Dr Kathleen Aikens, Dr Sarah Mieklejohn, Dr Penny Round, Nerida Matthews, Rachel Crellin, Dr Sue Kleve, Liza Barbour, Associate Professor Julie Brimblecombe,  Associate Professor Libby Tudball and Kelly Carabott.